Innovate. Grow the business. Improve productivity. Minimize risk. Control expenses.

Bold agendas drive business today. It takes talent, vision and cooperation to get it all done. Rising costs, long sales cycles, a changing workforce and complex IT systems all conspire to thwart success. Throw in some economic uncertainty and things just might be a little less fun this year. But what if you could tap expert help as you need it - and do it on the right terms?

Imaginamics offers Decision Support Services for executives and dynamic management teams.
We provide timely advice, solutions and access to a roster of proven professionals without the high retainers or long engagements typical of most consulting firms. Our approach is tailored to match the needs of each client. We rapidly inject energy right where it's needed most.
We do this through SuddenKnowledge® - our proprietary system for delivering actionable information and guidance - which helps move decisions forward quickly and effectively.

Whether you need a Subject Matter Expert for a specific project - or an ad hoc advisory board for a whole new idea - we provide talent for today and develop vision for tomorrow. We make bottom line improvements over short timeframes in areas that touch the most critical aspects of the business including technology, compliance and business development.

Our mission is to support the executive decision making process through objectives-based consulting. We help managers identify problems, imagine solutions and take decisive action in ways their peers, staff, friends and family cannot. We do this through a collegial advisory process and by leveraging the latest in social networking and Relationship Management Technologies.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to the things we know and understand, but imagination embraces the entire world and everything there will ever be to know and understand."

- Albert Einstein


"The true delight is in the finding out, rather than in the knowing."

- Isaac Asimov


"The way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."

- Linus Pauling


"Every organization needs one core competance: innovation."

- Peter Drucker

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