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Guidance from gurus & hired hammers that hit the spot.


Most people in business have heard the term "brain drain". It's a knowledge gap caused by the loss of indispensable employees or a "keeper of the special knowledge". Brain drain often has a sigificant negative impact on an organization which may range from a minor discontinuity in the innovation or management process - to a major devaluation of the business or brand.

SuddenKnowledge is the opposite of brain drain. It is actionable expertise or insight made available for immediate use. It results from the catalytic effect of fresh thinking or problem solving which may leverage analytic, empirical or intuitive knowledge. It can have a significant positive impact on an organization. It is infusive and it can build value in a business or brand.

We dispense SuddenKnowledge two ways. The first is a hybrid of traditional coach/mentor relationships. Friends and family, colleagues, peers and networking contacts can all share information and their expertise in some situations where some advice is needed. Mentors share wisdom, personal experience and encouragement on an ongoing basis. But only a
coach can demand "heavy lifting" and hold someone accountable for their performance.

In this hybrid delivery model, we guide clients toward self actualization - to help them navigate the barriers that distract them from seeing and understanding their noetic moments. Part of our role involves coaching executives to examine those moments, to hone their instincts and to learn to take responsible, decisive action. But circumstances don't always permit the luxury of an introspective process or experimental fixes. For those times when immediate results are needed, we dispense SuddenKnowlege through subject experts on demand.

We know where to hit it.
Most of us have heard the story in which a complex machine isn't working and an expert is summoned to fix it. After evaluating the situation for a few minutes, the expert whips out a hammer and gives the machine a light tap. Of course the machine starts right up. When the expert's bill for $1,000 arrives, he is asked to itemize and explain the charge. He replies: Hitting the machine with a hammer: $10. Knowing where to hit it: $990. The moral?
Good managers know when to ask for help. And help from the right expert can be priceless.

Guidance and coaching are valuable catalysts for executive success. But sometimes all you need is someone handy with a hammer who can hit the right spot. We can help here too. Our core team and network of experts know where to hit it on most business issues. When you lack the time for a resource consuming DIY project, hiring outside talent can be a smart decision. We offer both coaching services and results oriented, issue-specific consulting.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to the things we know and understand, but imagination embraces the entire world and everything there will ever be to know and understand."

- Albert Einstein


"The true delight is in the finding out, rather than in the knowing."

- Isaac Asimov


"The way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."

- Linus Pauling


"Every organization needs one core competance: innovation."

- Peter Drucker

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