Services Offered
Need a maven? You've come to the right place for experience.

We're all about reinforcing executive decisions and sharpening vision and strategy. This happens through objectives-based consulting and a trusted team of proven professionals. We're not a body shop or a placement agency. We're a haven for mavens. We don't sell products, so we have no vendor quotas or an obligation to promote specific "partners". Our focus is always on our client. Our role is to share our experience and support their decisions.

We offer SuddenKnowledge® in these areas:

Information Technology - We've got serious skills. Seriously.

  • Proven Paths & Ideas to Support New Recurring Revenue Streams
  • Data Center Infrastructure Advisement & Colocation Consulting
  • Carrier Selection, Contract Review & SLA Negotiation
  • Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Planning Services
  • Hotsite Selection for Work Area, Datacenter and Comm Recovery
  • Infrastructure Assessments and Technology Planning
  • Email and Data Archiving, Compliance Consulting and Implementation
  • Data Protection, System Recovery Planning and Administration
  • SaaS Feasibility, Planning, Transition & Deployment
  • Virtualization Plans and Testing for Server, Datacenter and Desktop
  • BPA, AppDev & Enterprise Document Management
  • Help Desk, Trouble Ticketing, Administration & Management
  • Relationship Management Systems and Support

Business - Let our team jumpstart your team. Don't have a team? You do now.

  • Reputation Management, Internet Opinion Tracking and Reporting
  • Workforce Training, Coaching and Professional Development
  • Advisory Services in Pilots, Spinoffs, Acquisitions and Incubation Projects
  • Facilities Planning, Lease Negotiation & Tenant Representation
  • Corporate Communications, Video Production, Podcasting, Blog Consulting
  • Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Salesforce Development and Management
  • Public Relations, Product Publicity & Crisis Communication Strategy
  • Franchise Consulting, Network or Affiliate Marketing and Advisory Services

On outsourcing...


"Outsourcing is a popular consideration for business owners today. People have
done if for years, often without even really thinking about it.

They've been successful using payroll firms and financial advisors and have grown up using external talent to advise and manage their IT systems.


Yet the word outsourcing still conjures up images of inferior service being provided by people far away who don't share our culture, language or values. I believe we must be fully invested in a client's success. Dell was hurt by this recently after they outsourced support offshore.


I created Imaginamics to be a trusted "resourcing" partner to IT service providers and IT department heads. We're not
an outsourcing firm. We tap a proven bench of allstars who have grown up and earned their reputations in our market.


Our people are locals. They live here. They get the politics, the culture of our clients and the mindset of the customers our clients want to reach. We have reputations to uphold. This makes a difference and it drives successful relationships."


Christopher Furey

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